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Welcome to my poker information center! The links in the left frame connect to several pages that I hope you will find useful and interesting. I hope to have time to add more as time goes on.

AC Poker
As of 2008, there are eleven casinos in Atlantic City (although there are a couple of more in the planning stages), and 9 of them currently have poker. This page has data on all of them.
Heads Up
Here are the rankings of all 169 hold'em hands, based on their EV heads up against a random hand. No simulation here -- these numbers are exact.
If you've ever played Blackjack, you've probably heard of the "Kelly number", which tells you how much you should bet depending on your bankroll. This page gives a Perl script for computing the Kelly number for any single wager.
Poker Links My favorite links to poker sites around the Net.
Jazbo's Poker Trip Reports A chronicle my poker adventures from back in 1995. [I may add to this later if I find the time to dredge up other trip reports.]

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